FAQ Rental Application

FAQ for Rental Homes

Thank you for inquiring about a rental home. Please see below FAQ and application link if you are interested in making an application.

Who must complete an application and what are the requirements?

Anyone that would be staying in the home over 18. There is a $52 fee per application and a credit and criminal report will be run once the fee is submitted

How long does the application process take?
48 Business Hours

If applicant is self-employed and doesn’t have pay stubs, what do they do?
Send any other proof of income – 2 years of income proof at this point if it’s commission based

Will their credit score prohibit them from leasing?
Credit scores at 600 or below are automatically declined. The rental deposit is typically one month’s rent but will go up based on credit.

How much is the standard security deposit?
1 months rent for security deposit, goes up based on credit

If the move in date is on or after the 20th of the month, prorated rent and the next months rent are due prior to move-in.

No Aggressive Dog breeds due to insurance
Nonrefundable Pet Deposit: $500 per dog, $400 deposit per cat

Automatic Denials:

Prior Eviction(s) in the last three years
Credit score for all Applicants is below 600
Identity cannot be verified
Income cannot be verified
Open bankruptcies or bankruptcies in the last 2 years
Insufficient income – Income must be at least three months rent
Any landlord collection in the past 3 years
Overdue debt of $5000 or more, including balances on outstanding civil judgments (does not include student loans or medical bills/debt)
Any Felonies
Registered Sex Offenders
Misrepresentation(s) or falsifications of application

How to get access to the property?

Email [email protected] a copy of your picture ID and we will provide access instructions.

How to apply for the rental?

Download the rental application by clicking here.

When completed, email to [email protected] and pay application fee for each 18 year + application submitted via paypal. $50 if paid via bank draft, or $52 if paid via CC.

If you have any other questions please call us at 404-800-3159