Check Out These Pet-Friendly Home Ideas

Love your feline or canine family members? Consider them when planning your next renovation!

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Did you know there are all kinds of different custom features for your pets that can be built into your home? Today I wanted to share some of the most interesting ideas we’ve found when it comes to making your home truly pet-friendly.

First, if you’re going to be remodeling your kitchen or simply changing up your cabinetry, consider adding a built-in food and water dish for your pets.

Also, take a look at some ideas for furniture with built-in kennels. This way, you never have to worry about a large crate taking up space in your living room or laundry room.

Another cute idea we’ve come across is a pet staircase! It won’t work in every home, but for those homeowners who do pull it off, it will give their smaller pets an easier way to get around the house.

All of these features are as fun as they are practical, and they make life easier for pets and their owners.

How about building a custom washing station? If you’re like my husband, you’re not a big fan of having to give dogs a rinse in the shower. The washing station solves the issue with its own showerhead and an easy walk-in feature.

The last idea (I would’ve never thought of this one myself) involves constructing a built-in litter box that’s discreet yet accessible.

All of these features are fun and practical, and we wanted to share them in case you’re a pet lover preparing for a remodel.

For those of you who don’t know, I do have an animal activism charity: I encourage anyone who is as passionate about loving animals as I am to check it out!

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