FriendsGiving Celebration at the Janice Overbeck Team Office

FriendsGiving Celebration

Partners in the community coming together to build each other up

We are all familiar with the traditional Thanksgiving meal and gathering of loved ones around the dinner table. However, at the Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team office, they celebrated a spin on the holiday and hosted a community FriendsGiving lunch on Thursday, November 16th. Preferred vendors, partners in the community, and staff members came together to enjoy a meal and a time of fellowship. “This lunch was a time for us to celebrate our success, our relationships, and pour back into those partnerships”, Overbeck said. “We have an incredible network of amazing people and businesses we work with and we wanted to really appreciate and celebrate them.” Once the turkey and all the fixin’s settled, Janice Overbeck and Jennifer Taylor, Director of Operations, conducted a business development seminar for the business owners who attended. “This seminar gives us the opportunity to pour back into the entrepreneurs in our community. We share successes and challenges of our business that can translate to theirs. When we focus on the people and the relationships to build each other up, it only makes us and our community stronger”, Taylor commented.