Looking to Sell Your Home Before the New Year? Here’s How!

Looking to Sell Your Home Before the New Year? Here’s How


Fall and winter are usually thought of as the off-season for home sales, but this doesn’t mean that putting your house on the market toward the end of the year means you’re doomed to be showing it until springtime arrives. 


There are lots of ways you can speed up a home sale at any time of year, including during the cooler months. Here are tips that will help you get your home sold and closed before the New Year. 


Complete any fall-related maintenance.


Fall brings changing weather, and all the maintenance that goes with that. 


Exterior maintenance can include cleaning your gutters and downspouts, checking your roof for any water damage, and keeping your lawn tidy and leaves raked. You’ll also want to care for trees and shrubs, trimming them back if need be to prevent destruction from fallen branches once winter storms arrive. 


Internal maintenance includes checking your HVAC to make sure it’s running properly, sealing up any potential access points to keep out critters, and weatherstripping doors and windows. 


Update outdated kitchen appliances to energy-efficient stainless steel models.


While knowledgeable real estate agents generally discourage undertaking big, expensive kitchen renovations, due to the low ROI of these projects, there are plenty of smaller renovations that’ll speed up your home sale


One of these is to update any old kitchen appliances to new, energy-efficient ones. Although there are certain trends that come and go, like colored appliances, your best bet according to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Q3 2019 report, is to stick with stainless steel. This project can earn you an estimated 41 percent ROI. 


And if you are undertaking any larger projects or replacements this fall and winter, you may be in luck: data shows that materials and labor are often cheaper in the colder months than in spring or summer. 


Get creative with perks and marketing. 


Depending on whether you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market, you may have to get extra creative to attract people to your listing. 


One idea is to throw in an unexpected freebie, like a car you’re also intending to sell or a pricey piece of furniture. You can see more ideas on creative ways to sell your home in this video: 


Use the most recent photos possible, even if your home looks “better” in the springtime. 


Many sellers think that using springtime photos, when their homes are surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, will help their home sell more quickly. However, this isn’t actually the case. 


Instead, it’s important to use photos that were taken as recently as possible, even if that does mean your lawn isn’t as green as it was in May. Buyers want to know that the home they’re going to see in person will match the one that caught their eye online. 


Selling your home in the fall and winter may seem challenging, but it can definitely be done. All it takes is some creativity, attention to detail, and a healthy dose of fall maintenance! And don’t forget: the best time to sell your house is dependent on your market, so talking to a local real estate agent is an important first step. 


Written for The Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team by: Maddi Arcurio with HomeLight