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For those who need mortgage assistance, Halo is an answer from above

Why wait to move into your dream home?

Making holiday wishes come true in Metro-Atlanta is what the Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team is doing with the help of a program called Halo. The program is designed for individuals who may have a rocky credit history, but are working diligently to repair it. “We have come across many people who dream of owning a home, but are about 6-18 months away from mortgage qualification for multiple reasons. With a $4000 monthly minimum income requirement, a credit score of at least 480, and a 3.5% down payment option, Halo can help make those dreams a reality”, Overbeck said. “Halo will purchase the home and rent it back to the client for anywhere from 6-18 months while they continue to repair their credit. This is truly a game changer for those who are on the path to credit recovery and want to own a home. We are so excited for our first Halo closing that took place just last week!” If you would like to see if you qualify and learn more about the program, call the Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team at: (404) 585-8881