My Days Are Numbered

Hello friends,

I realized today that I only have about 20,000 days left to live (assuming I am lucky enough to live to 90 years old). It’s a lot of days, but seeing that number really puts into perspective how much time is left for me.

I’ve been alive for a little over 12,775 days. Curious about your number? You can CLICK HERE to see yours!

If I apply this kind of thinking to experiences, it brings everything into focus. One of my best friend’s, my Aunt Nancy is 71 years old. I see her four times per year. If she lives to be 100, that’s only 116 more times I get to hug her!

I visit the ocean 3 trips per year. With that math, I’ll only see the ocean about 165 more trips before I die. 

We play spades as a family once a week. That means I only have 364 more games of spades with my family until my 5th grader graduates from high school.

Hopefully, the pandemic has you thinking about life, your choices, and how you spend your time too.