Tips and Tricks on Multi-Season Holiday Decor

If you love decorating for the holidays, you’re going to love the tips in today’s message.

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Decorating for the holidays is always a blast, but taking down old decorations and replacing them with new ones can be a bit of a chore. And now that Halloween is just around the corner, chances are that you’re starting to add a few spooky touches to your home and yard that, while fun for a while, would look out of place if you left them up for the holidays ahead.

After all, skeletons and cobwebs don’t exactly scream “Christmas.”

However, certain pieces of decor can be used across the seasons, and we’ll show you just a few examples today—including color-changing holiday lights that go from Halloween to Christmas with just the touch of a button.

Also, as a final note, we would be happy to take a free professional photo of your home’s Halloween decor, so please reach out if you’re interested. This kind of photo could certainly make an eye-catching addition to your listing photos when (or if) you ever decide to sell.

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